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Hydraulic fracturing, aka fracking, is a technique used to extract fossil fuels, such as petroleum and natural gases, from the sub-soil. Companies drill well-bores deep into the earths crust until they reach the area in which fossil fuels are trapped. Once this is done, a fracture fluid is injected at high pressures into the well, cracking the ground beneath.

Each company has a different fracture fluid formula mainly consisting in water, sand and chemicals (some of which may be carcinogenic). Water, being the main compound of the fluid, is used to crack the ground along with chemicals that also react on the rock in different ways, such as dissolving it and killing bacteria. Sand, or any other propellant, keeps the fissures open while gas escapes. Some drillers directly use acidizing which consists in injecting into the ground acids so they may dissolve the rock, freeing the gases.

Sometimes the cracking of the ground can be so intense that it causes an earthquake, but this is only the beginning of the many issues with hydro-fracking.

Once the operation has finished some of the fracture fluid is collected while the rest remains underground contaminating foreground and groundwater. Other than the consequences of fracture fluid not being collected, fracking also results in destruction of our flora and fauna, pollution of the air, radioactivity, induced earthquakes (as it has been mentioned before) and diseases.

There have been many debates on whether or not fracking increases methane levels in the wells of nearby houses. Although, it isn’t just methane that escapes the well-bore, those carcinogen chemicals from the fracture fluid leak out too!

Even though many disagree that hydraulic fracturing causes illnesses to people, the fact remains: if so, is it worth risking the safety of others for more NOT renewable energy? Are you willing to see the beauty of nature be swiped away for just one more drilling?

How about asking the many families that have been affected by toxins in the water and in the soil around their homes that they like us, rely on for living...?

Just to let everyone out there know, we stand by you in this protest to ban fracking! Here are just a FEW AROUND THE WORLD who feel the same as we do! Following is a page of the towns, states and countries that have officially banned fracking! Let’s join them in saving our future for the help of each other and our planet!

Special thanks to everyone in the world standing up to be heard in the fight to have a healthy life! We love you Vivienne Westwood! Fashion Diva getting in and making a count of 82%!

Thank you too Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon for supporting artists against fracking!

What the FRACK is going on? Join the planet in getting your town or country to stop fracking now! Think globally and act locally!

Link to latest towns, states and countries who have BANNED fracking!

Together, we make a difference!. (and no, the above images are not page filler, you must see TOGETHER we are MANY!)

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