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Jillian Lieber

tense or on edge, it makes it a lot harder to work.

PS: What type of work do you enjoy most? JL: I used to really love the crazy editorials, but I am getting more comfortable with lifestyle type work.

PS: Off set, away from work, what do you enjoy? JL: I enjoy crafting or finding good places to eat!

PS: What inspires you?

JL: My family, my friends, and building a good future for myself.

PS:Whatareyour interests?

I met Jillian in Northern California at her home in Lincoln for an editorial shoot. She was fresh and full of great energy. We kept in touch and met again at my ‘base’ town in Milan, Italy a year later. I have had the pleasure to watch her evolve in her career over the years as well as meet her lovely family, all of which are wonderful!

PS: When and how did you begin modeling? JL: I started modeling when I was fifteen years old. I started those modeling classes and went to an open call, not expecting much. When I was called back to the agency for another interview, I signed a contract!

PS: Why do you model?

JL: I model because it's fun and fast-paced. People are full of great yet crazy ideas, and I love being able to experience the idea with them.

PS: What do you enjoy about modeling? JL: I enjoy meeting other people who are in the industry. Fellow models, photographers, makeup artists, etc all have great stories to share and unique experiences on the job.

PS: Where have you traveled for this job? Which is your favorite location?

JL: I've traveled to Milan and New York, I'm hoping to travel more. I think my favorite place between those two is New York. Everything is close and you're always moving.

PS: How do you find people in general while traveling? JL: Your agency is a great way to meet people when you are traveling. The girls or guys are usually really nice and know what you're going through being away from home.

PS: What is one of your most ‘memorable’ experiences during your career?

JL: One of my most memorable experiences during my career is my stay in Milan. I was always constantly getting lost and wanted to give up several times. It was great to finally meet other models and make friends to go out with, talk to, and have fun around the city together.

PS: When are you most comfortable on the set? JL: I'm most comfortable when everyone else is relaxed. When people are

JL:Japanese dining at odd restraunts, spending time with my boyfriend,andpulling good ideas off Pinterest.

PS: What are your goals?

JL: My goal is to go from being a model to working in the office as a modeling scout or booker. That way, I'll have the insight of the model side and be able to help the girls and make them enjoy modeling like I did!

PS: If you were going to give any aspiring model advice, what would it be? JL: Don't give up. There will be a lot of "no's", that shouldn't ever stop you from trying harder.

Thank you for your time and all the best!

~ Posh Sauvage!

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