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Mag-Nadyne, six upcoming artists from Torino, Italy with Balkan/Gypsy soul in their music, creating a new genre to express themselves.

Posh Sauvage ‘s London Ariel interviews them on their beginnings.

PS: How did you get started?

MN:Guglielmo Diana guitarist and lead singer with bassist Marcello Cavuoto, after having an experience with thrash metal, decided to make a band of a completely different genre from the ones out there. We began with acoustics from Gypsy Punk and Jazz Minouche which merged later on with Eletronic Dance on the ’70 and ’80, Progressive and Psychedelic. The desire to experiment with other musicians and try out other sounds made it so that the band would get started and eventually arrive to its current number of six members which are respectively, other than the ones already mentioned, Niccolò Buttigliero on keys, drummer Lesley Green, Enrico Cepparrone with sax and clarinet and, last but not least, Giulia Irmici with the baritone sax.

PS: Why did you choose the name Mag-Nadyne?

MN: We liked the impression the radio stations from the ’30 and ’40 give today and wanted a name that was at both times versatile and that recalled vintage. After going through several names and reducing the available information, the name of a electronic radio company from Turin active from the ’20 to ’90, Magnadyne, caught our eye.

PS: What kind of difficulties have you encountered through the development of the band?

MN: The primary complication we had to deal with was finding musicians to which our project truly interested. In fact, on our journey to find new sounds we tried with many musicians: violinist, accordionist, saxophonist; but most of the time they were uninterested or simply weren’t suitable.

PS: Did you adopt musical qualities from other musicians into you music?

MN: Lets say that the Balkan and Gypsy soul of the music are the rhythmic components of the band, which can recall those of the Gogol Bordello, while the harmonic and melodic parts of the music are mostly influenced by the Doors, Kraftwerk and the early years of Pink Floyd. Although, we don’t preclude anything, we are always inclined to vary and let our music be influenced by the first caravan that passes, without being sceptical.

PS: How did your academic lives change after being in a band?

MN: Sometimes school would have to take second place, in other cases, when there were important school engagements, we would have to restrict our artistic vein. It’s difficult to reconcile school rhythm with time to dedicate to our concerts and rehearsals. Music represents a primordial necessity that unites us, Lesley has even put aside school to follow his artistic needs.

PS: How was your first concert?

MN: We have different points of view in this regard. Almost all of us are of the idea that our first stage performance was poor, if not disappointing. We were too agitated and the events were either badly organized or the crowd didn’t seem to be pleased by our music that hadn’t yet become what we wanted it to be since we weren’t mature enough as a band. The only one to have a different opinion is Niccolò who, with optimistic thought, has found our first performances satisfying.

PS: Has the experience since then changed or remained the same?

MN: Now we are more confident as a band and are more in control of the stage, we also follow a storyline to improve our performance. 

PS:I look forward to seeing you performance and following your growth. Thank you and best of luck!

             - London Ariel

             for Posh Sauvage

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