Rites of Passage | Beauty

Posh Sauvage | Earth Issue


a conceptual story by Lynette Arlene
photographed by Carmelo Brustia - Earthling is Yordanka from Fashion Team - Torino

concept, art direction, hair and makeup by Lynette Arlene

Rites of Passage
by Lynette Arlene

Passage One: birth

Our first rite of passage 
on this earth is birth.

Into this physical world we come, 
each of us made of flesh,
blood and bone. 

With our first breath, 
we awaken 
all of our senses. 

We begin our path 
of becoming whole.

Passage two: initiation
Through trials and tribulation, 
bewilderment and understanding 
we enter the passage of initiation.

Our bodies put to the test grow stronger 
our senses become refined, 
discipline is achieved,
our conscience begins raising awareness.

passage three: warrior
Strength is achieved 
physically, mentally and spiritually. 

We enter the passage of the warrior.

The warrior protects all things sacred, 
of ourselves  and all things 
we are connected to.

passage four: wisdom
Through our rites of passage, 
all we have learned, 
all we have shared, 
all we have experienced, 
we achieve wisdom. 

With this wisdom, we have serenity 
and acceptance of all things. 

We understand we are part 
of the whole picture.

We are one, like the spokes on a wheel. 
We are connected with all living things.
From where our flesh came,
our blood and bones shall return
For we are ALL the earth.

Our ‘Earthling’ beauty is Yordanka, currenlty based in Turin from Cuba, represented by Fashion Team in Torino


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