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Posh Sauvage | Earth Issue


Hello Slow Earth,

Thank you for your time and collaboration with Posh Sauvage and compliments on your music.

PS: First, can you tell our readers where you are from?

SE: Hello, we are from Zaporozhye, Ukraine.

PS: How did you get your name Slow Earth?

SE: Slow Earth? I was thinking about something monumental. Something really huge but very close to everyone. It was just a thought.

PS: When was Slow Earth born?

SE: I could say earlier, but 2009. It is a date when Slow Earth was born.

PS: How many musicians are in your band?

SE: Four members, but sometimes I think we have 16 hands instead of 8. 

PS: Who are your band members and what do they do?

SE: We are completely different people, but mates in mind. Everyone had his own way to get in music. Bassist is a welder, Guitarist is a programmist, I’m an unemployed lawyer, such contrasts.

From the first sight we are a usual quartet with guitarists, piano and drums, but we use a lot of percussion, electronic or some experimental stuff, so it is hard to say what we all do.

PS: How would you describe your music?

SE: Everything is in our title.  We want that it sounds off in the distance, but feels very close to us. To sound monumental but to feel very intimate, private. It is our thing. Without specifics.  From the image to the content.

PS: What are your influences?

SE: Should I say bands I’m in love with? So there are: Smashing Pumkins, Sonic Youth, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, REM, Dinosaur JR and so on.

PS: What message in your music would you like to share with the listener?

SE: This is a hard question for me today. The only thing i could say is that I hate conformism in all its forms.

PS: What are your thoughts about our planet EARTH at the moment?

SE: Everything begins in our heads. We have to realize what is happening now and what consequences could be. Our planet Is ill for a moment, so we don’t need any prophylaxis, we need a treatment. Methods of mass media are exhausted. Yes, all this movies and social advertisement are useful and good, but we need more radical measures. Legislative level for example.

Its a question of generation, we have to change the way of thinking.

PS: Do you see environmental stress where you are?

SE: We live in the most industrial city in Ukraine. The Country that had Chernobyl. Can you imagine? I really know what I’m talking about. Its often hard even to breathe. All this factories had rare soviet technology without any filters and they located in the city center. Great, huh? Most people in our city died before they got first pension. 

PS: We are all connected and have a responsibility to the planet and to each other, how do you feel people can make a difference?

SE: Yes, im sure we can make the difference.  People are more then nothing.

PS: When can we look forward to seeing Slow Earth playing live?

SE: we have tours mostly in UK and France,  Benelux area. You could invite us! :)

We are planning USA and Asia tour in the next year maybe. I don’t know, anything could happen. We are open to travel.

PS: Tell us about your latest album?

SE: Its our first EP.  Its a big step. We became an ‘official’ band.

We had a luck to work with the greatest producers and engineers. We were in colloboration with the great Storm Thorgerson who designed our cover, so I’m proud of this CD. 

  1. -you could easily find us on iTunes. Thank you for your questions!

PS: Thank you for your time and we looking forward to the new album! Best of luck to you!

- Posh Sauvage