Posh Sauvage First Issue                                                                                                                                   What is Beauty?


In the eye of the beholder

by Lynette Arlene

What is Beauty?

Beauty is without a doubt what pleases our eyes. Let’s  examine what it is that actually does please our eyes......and perhaps we should have an open call for creating an album to see the ‘eyes of the be holders.’

For myself, I love all beautiful things like everyone else. I love to see nature at its most potent.....Mother Earth giving birth each and every spring with blossoms peeking out after a long winter. I adore the power of the snow melting pouring life into all the creeks and rivers, the sound of it all. The sound of the ocean crashing its waves along the shore.

But when we speak of beauty, weare normally speaking of the beauty of one’s self.

Why is it that we seperate ourselves from all that is around us? I have always figured myself into the puzzle that makes life, and life is quite  beautiful.

I love to search across the face of a person who has lived such a long full life and see the map of their existance written on their skin. The lines that our common day wanna be immortals would love to erase with botox and the rest of what our mankind will conjour up.

I love when I look at an elderly person out in public who is seemingly marked with their years across their face and in one joyous moment, they flash you a smile and you see all their life explode in front of you in the utmost positive way through the lines on their face. Glorious.

In the following pages, we will explore beauty interpreted by featured work of:

Fenia Labropoulou

Jean Baptiste Fort

Lynette Arlene

Erick Gerson Rodriquez

While shooting a beauty, there are teams involved and feelings.

The ambience has to be just right to capture the moment.

Compliments to everyone who did such beautiful work.

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