Posh Sauvage First Issue                                                                                                                           Letter from the Editor


Breaking Bread

The Ritual of Dining

This first issue of Posh Sauvage is dedicated to this fine art of ritual, breaking bread, and the connection we all share.

The holiday season welcomes friends and families together, whether it be mingling or sitting around the table. Dining is certainly on the menu.

While every time we congregate at a table to nourish ourselves, not only during the festivities, is not only a sacred moment, but in fact a time for ritual.

We sit connected at the table and the act of breaking bread and passing it along while in conversation about the events of the day, important topics to share being passed from the elders to the youth and vice versa is the one time we actually take time to slow down and share.

For myself, every moment I have sat down to a meal, it has never been to eat, to shove food in my mouth while I speak about the meetings.....it is to take time to nourish myself, to truly think about how grateful I am for every bite being digested into my body, giving me energy, giving me strength, helping me grow and heal. I thank each bite for doing it’s job flawlessly.

Sharing this experience is a privilege we must never take for granted.

My table is a place where family and friends have always been welcomed to join and partake in breaking bread. These are moments most cherished with memories that last a lifetime.

Having a family of my own and raising my children, I take very seriously the full ritual of teaching to them how to select food, how to prepare it. How zen the moments are to actually cut each piece we are going to prepare for our bodies, that we will consume. The joy of taking to the table a simple dish or a master piece that you have poured your heart and positive energy into and then sharing it with everyone seated with you, there can be no greater moment than this.

Every guest who has come to my home has enjoyed the experience of going to the markets with me, speaking to the farmers that have grown the vegetables, curd the cheese, cured the meats. This moment is connection, connecting each of us to life sustainment. To trust the person who has cultivated what I am going to not only consume but to also feed it to my children. I want to look in their eyes and know who is so great to be doing this for me and the ones I love.

Responsibility to ourselves starts with responsibility to our communities, that includes everything living, the environment, plants, animals, people. No matter what your form, ethnicity or spirituality, we are all connected. Being connected and not supporting the other is like cutting off one of your own flesh a piece at a time. How can you expect to be able to survive if you are not willing to see the importance in the survival of the one next to you?

Nourishment is truly nourishing everything.....from the beginning. How does it grow, what do you put into it? That does not just pertain to our recipes but also the true base of everything, the plants that were grown, what was put into them.....the livestock.....how were they raised? A simple way to think of it is, if I would not ingest it directly, why would I ingest it indirectly?

The ritual of breaking bread is not just about when we are at the table it is a process that you need to think about what was involved to get it to your table, who was part of getting it there? How much time and thought went into your meal before it was ever an idea in your mind for a recipe? THAT is the connection I am speaking of.

So why would we hurry this moment, and rush through it? Why do terms exist like slow food, fast food? Nourishing ourselves in itself is ritual and sitting in a circle looking in the faces, the eyes of those you care enough to be sitting with is truly the only moments that matter in our rushed days.

This first issue of Posh Sauvage is dedicated to this fine art of ritual, breaking bread, and the connection we all share.

Happy Holidays,

Lynette Arlene


Posh Sauvage

Breaking Bread

The Ritual of Dining


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