Posh Sauvage First Issue                                                                                                                             Fashion and Beauty

“Golden Royale” photographed by Todd Anthony Tyler

Fashion Concept and Photography by Todd Anthony Tyler

Styling: Karina Smith

Makeup: Michael Mak

Hair: Boyi Wang

Model: Gao Jie 

from ESEE Model Management

Paillette embellished tulle blouse, 

Feather Cape Jacket from Gucci.

Gold chain and pearl mixed necklace from Chanel

Posh Sauvage Model Spotlight on Gao Jie

In the editorial “Golden Royale” by Todd Anthony Tyler the model featured is Gao Jie from Shanghai, China. Her transformation from this natural beauty to sophisticated elegance is accomplished with ease, welcomed direction and her enthusiasm to succeed.

Gao Jie began modeling three years ago when she was in college studying. While on set, she is inspired by the photographer’s direction and encouragement as well as the theme of the collection.

When asked what she would like to do with her modeling and life, Gao Jie replies,

“I love my job!” She would like to try many types of modeling jobs in the near future. She hopes to work abroad and become well-known.

Beautiful job and we are looking forward to seeing more out of you in the future!

Thank you - Posh Sauvage

Gao Jie is represented by:

ESEE Model Management

Room 502, Building 1, No. 751, South Huangpi Road, Shanghai 200025 China

Tel: +86 021 53010643 Fax: +86 021 53012513

Web: www.eseemodel.com

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