Posh Sauvage First Issue                                                                                                                                             Interview


PS: Hello Douglas! Thank you for your collaboration with Posh Sauvage.

DB: Hello Posh Sauvage, Thanks for giving me this opportunity to participate in this groundbreaking first issue. What is Posh Sauvage, the chic savage, I always said fashion is a jungle out there ruthless yet elegant, glamorizing, but brutal.

PS: Where are you from? And what brought you to Italy?

DB: Believe it or not, I'm from Beavercreek Ohio, a quiet, nice place, where I was the ‘king of fashion’ in my time there, shooting on roof tops, under bridges, in discos, studios, corn fields, shot photos of everyone, it was great times.

DB: During my studies at the Ohio Institute of Photography, I won student of the Year National print competition, and went to a one week seminar in Chicago, meeting a New York photographer who convinced me to go to the Big Apple, two weeks later I was there.

After three years I was hooked into coming to Milano, were I stayed for ten years. The 90's in Milano were great!

PS: You have been a photographer in the fashion industry for many years. Can you tell us what the moment was when you decided this was your calling?

DB: All Photographers are people who don’t want to work with someone more than a day. Freedom is a powerful sensation for all mankind, but when you get paid for it, you become very motivated.

PS: What do you enjoy shooting the most?

DB: One of the most enjoyable experiences I have as a photographer is to pick up the camera, knowing that whatever I shoot will be beautiful, and that moment will be captured forever.

PS: What inspires you?

DB: The moment when I hear the shutter and know that was the shot, and everything just came together, makeup, hair, lighting, direction, emotional and interactive response with the talent, and then printed in a magazine, well heck what do you want more....but money.

PS: During Seasonal Fashion Weeks.....which for most is a ‘week’ in a major city, how many cities do you travel to and how many weeks are you on the road shooting?

DB: The World Tour, New York, London, Milan, Paris, seems the fashion will never stop, fashion, and more fashion, at some point you might get too much fashion. This year I shot 405 backstage fashion shows, and I didn’t even go to London, which is an untouchable (world) record in itself. I find a great sense of duty to my team and our clients, to fight for the best possible photo, and too help promote even the newest of designers.

PS: How do you find the ambience backstage?

DB: Fashion weeks are a test in endurance, 60 days a year feel like 100, 12 hours a day on your feet, a hundred people surrounding you, hungry wolves stealing your shot, models who don’t want to be photographed, PR people who want you to leave, stress to create a photograph not a snapshot, pressure knowing any show could be your last, security guards who would like to turn you into jelly, I don't know any other place I would rather be.

PS: On this collection of backstage work, what is important for you to capture?

DB: I want to capture the true spirit of the model, her joy and happiness, her interpretation of that outfit, and to release for my camera and our viewers, a dynamic, emotional, and editorially powerful image that can last longer than the fashion season.

PS: You are meeting everyone behind the scenes and shooting.......What do you enjoy the most about shooting backstage?

DB: Elle McPherson and Cindy Crawford are the two backstage faces I never photographed, and therefor never became backstage friends. Everyone else could be considered a backstage friend, an exclusive moment of glamour, that few experience. At the end of the show a glass of champagne with backstage teams becomes a moment of brotherhood.

PS: When you are home, your studio is based in Milan, Italy. You have access to great designers known and up and coming. Are you able to relax and shoot what you prefer for yourself?

DB: Off season I am looking forward to continuing this feeling, creating projects with new talents and designers, with the same energy as the show, but without all the other photographers, or (button pushers), taking in a mixture of creative styles of makeup and hair, that I have just witnessed, and to work in a bit more relaxed environment. This is a moment when I try to create something different and new, experimental in a way. Photography production is a team sport, all the players must carry their own weight, but the photographer holds all the responsibility to make it happen. When it all comes together there is nothing else like it.

PS: How would you describe the shoot you did featuring the collection of designers from Milan you shot on models Genet, Joella, and Stasia?

DB: One of the highlights of the year was meeting Lynette Arlene and her team, she puts the word artist into makeup, and on this production for Posh, I think I tried more than I could chew, we shot 24 variations in a day, on four different sets.

Thank you,

Posh Sauvage

Interview with Douglas Bassett

on Backstage Photography

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