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PS: Thank you for your collaboration with Posh Sauvage.

Tell me a bit about yourself.....I know that you started shooting film when you were 15 and moved over into fashion, but what is it that you love passionately about doing this work?

FL: First of all I thank you for the opportunity.

The thing I always loved about photography is that it takes an instant in reality and makes it immortal! So I guess my love on my work is all about immortality, the magic you can create, the inner self that speaks out through images. That small, tiny amount of time that you have to capture the soul in the person you have in front of your lens. The continuous chase of THE photo that hasn’t been shot yet.

I think I would never be the same person without my camera in my hands, it’s my way of expressing feelings, hopes and fears. It’s my way of being complete.

PS: I would like to take some time to ask you some questions about your work with the white story.

Not all photographers are able to catch such fluid movement and emotion with body language without all the accessories/clothing as you have captured here. Can you tell me what you had in mind when you started shooting and what story you were wanting to express?

FL: The white story has been shot years ago, it is not a new work. It is though still MY favorite work.

White has always been my favorite color, its shiny reflection captures my spirit.  Makes me feel pure and free.

But white story was a team work. I couldn’t have done it without Dimitris Strepkos guidance beside me, without Celebrity Skin white, pure dresses and without my favorite model Sofia Kyriakidou who actually made reality of what I had in mind.

So the white story for me expresses purity, freedom, hope and that I tried to capture.

PS: - Thank you!

Interview with Photographer Fenia Fabropoulou

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