Posh Sauvage First Issue                                                                                                                                             Interview


PS: Can you tell us about where you are from and what it is like where you grew up? 

GO: I'm from Ethiopia. I grew up in Addis Ababa - the capital city. Ethiopia is very different to Europe in so many ways. The culture, the cuisine, the people…. I am thankful for my roots and the experiences I had growing up in Ethiopia - as it has shaped me into the person I have become today.

 PS: How did you start modeling?
GO: I actually started modeling by accident. I entered a beauty pageant but the organisers almost didn't let me participate as they were looking for curvier contestants. One of the photographers stepped in and supported my application and luckily enough I went on to win the competition.
PS: How long have you been a model?

GO: I have been modelling for two and a half years. 

PS: Do you travel often for your work?

GO: These days I travel more frequently to walk the different fashion shows around Europe. Travelling the world is one of my favourite things about my job.
PS: WHat inspires you?

GO: Life inspires me. It is important to take time to notice the small things each day. I also draw inspiration from friends and family. 

PS: How do you try to better yourself as a professional?
PS: By continuing to try new things and being open to change and possibility. I also have a keen interest in fashion so I am always following the catwalks and my favourite designers, which gives me a better understanding of the industry.
PS: If you could share with other aspiring models what advice would you give them?
GO: I don't know. This is a tough question. I guess I would say that if you are lucky enough to have found your dream - pour everything that you have into it - and it will become a reality. And in life you should always live life like there is no tomorrow.

PS: Do you enjoy your job?
GO: Just as much as I enjoy good wine and great friends.
PS: What other interests do you have? 
GO: I love reading, the cinema, spending time in the countryside and I love hanging out with my friends.
PS: Where will you be spending New Yearʼs Eve?
GO: In Athens, Greece
PS: What do you hope for going into 2013?
I hope that 2013 brings me success in terms of my career and my personal life. Above all I just want to have a fun year surrounded by great people.

Thank you! Posh Sauvage wishes you all the best!

Interview with Model Genet Ojeto

See Genet on vimeo


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