Posh Sauvage First Issue                                                                                                                                             Interview


Hello Jean Baptiste and thank you for your collaboration with Posh Sauvage and sharing your insight with us.

PS: Where did you grow up?

JBF: I grew up in the south of France, in a small city called Perpignan.

PS: When did you begin photography?

JBF: My first photo shoot was made for a French Magazine “Generation series”, and it was dedicated to a famous at that time TV show “Friends” featuring Jennifer Aniston. It took place in Los Angeles at Warner Bros. Studio where I spent a week shooting. I was lucky to have this as the first serious experience and I definitely enjoyed the process. I never stop shooting after it.

PS: What inspired you to be a photographer?

JBF: This experience at Warner Bros. Studio was my first step into the world of photography. I loved shooting and it became my main passion right away. After that I continued with beauty and fashion shoots, which really inspires me.

PS: What do you enjoy the most about being a photographer?

JBF: I like the freedom which I have as a photographer. Today I don’t have to make a living with it, so I’m lucky to be able to shoot only the projects that interest me. I love that I’m able to create beauty in some way. I love the connection which exists between a model and me on the set. I try to deliver a model’s beauty in the best possible way, and she tries to give me the best what she has. These are very exciting and precious moments.

PS: Where are you currently located?

JBF: I live in Barcelona most of the time. But I also often travel to Paris and around Europe.

PS: What would you say influences your work the most these days?

JBF: I’m inspired by the photographers whose talent and level seem to be the most difficult to achieve.  I love all the works by Kristian Schuller. His style and vision is incredible, and I think my latest projects are definitely influenced by him.

PS: What inspires you?

JBF: I love the world of photography and fashion so much because I always deal with beauty. It’s something that is eternal and my love for it is endless. So, in my images I’m trying to capture and showcase the female beauty in the way I see it. For me it’s something that will always make me enthusiastic.

PS: What is your most challenging image to capture?

JBF: I want to bring more creativity and art into my photos. I like great and unusual settings, unique designer dresses, lavish make-up and hairstyles. You know this feeling when you look at a photo or a painting and it gets you to some different dimension, where everything is possible. That’s what I want to do.

Compliments on your work!

Looking forward to seeing more of your creativity,

Posh Sauvage

About the shoot

This photo story was made during my trip to the USA this summer. I happened to work with great team, which is a bigger half of a successful photo shoot.

These beautiful dresses and the whole looks were kindly provided by Raul Penaranda. I happened to meet him and make this project together right before his show at New York fashion week in September. Working together was such an exciting and effortless process, as we have the same vision about female beauty and sensuality. So, I think we managed to showcase it in the best possible way.

Johnny Gonzalez (http://www.jsgonzalez.com/ ) was our make-up artist and hair stylist. He’s a true master and professional! There were 4 models on the set that day, and he did such a great work and turned each of them into a real diva. He easily caught the mood of the shoot and in the end we got those fabulous and timeless beauty looks.

We worked in one apartment, which I rented in New York City. The main difficulty was that the room was not really big, and we couldn’t have many variations of the background, so we had to be resourceful. This is what my stylist, Elena Fort, is the best in. She always knows how to make something out of nothing, and I can always rely on her good taste. 

We had a great time on this shoot. Everything went very easily and effortlessly. I think that’s what happens when the real professionals meet together.

- Jean Baptiste Fort

Interview with Jean Baptiste Fort