Posh Sauvage First Issue                                                                                                                             Fashion and Beauty


minimalist |ˈminəməlist|


A person who advocates or practices minimalism in art or music.


Of or relating to minimalism in art or music.

ORIGIN early 20th cent.: first used with reference to the Russian Mensheviks. Usage in art and music dates from the 1960s.

Model: Lera Loginova

with Elite Model Management NY

Nagorny Models Minsk

Stylist: elena Fort

Makeup and Hair: Ekaterina Kvacheva, Minsk

Dress by LUNION by Olga Kardash

Assistant: Anna Kisel 

shape | sh āp|


the external form or appearance; the outline of an area or figure.


noun |ˈkänˌtrast|

the state of being strikingly different from something else.

movement |ˈmoōvmənt|


the quality of suggesting motion in a work of art.

“While creating minimalism, a lot of attention is paid to shape and contrast.”

“Working with a model that can feel natural in movement and understands the concept makes the image take form.

Lera got the idea instantly and she carried off this image so effortlessly.”

minimalism by Jean Baptiste Fort