Posh Sauvage First Issue                                                                                                                        Make Up Artist Feature


Make Up Artist Feature

Creative Concept and Makeup

by Erick Gerson Rodriquez

Photography by Sean O’Toole

Hair Stylist: Tiffanny Snyder

Model: Theresa Margaret

Hello Erick and thank you for your submission to Posh Sauvage and sharing

your passion with us.

PS: How long have you been a makeup artist? And what inspired you to become a makeup artist? 

EGR: I've been in the industry for about 6 + years i've always been creative artistically but i never thought I would end up doing makeup as a profession. I went to school for graphic design.

My partner has been very supportive in my career. When he directed "CATS" the broadway musical, I volunteer to be in the makeup department and I absolutely fell in love with Makeup, it was like love at first sight.

PS: What is it that gives you the most satisfaction in your art medium, makeup?

EGR: After working hard on preparing everything for each project, My satisfaction is when I see the finish product.

PS: Is this your first professional submission? I think you showed incredible motivation from the time you contacted me, created a theme and delivered it!

EGR: No, this is not my first submission to a magazine, I'm  always  so excited when I get involved in projects like this, This is something I love and enjoy doing and each project I do is like a new challenge for me, and I like to challenge myself once in a while. PS: Can you tell me about the work you did on your model? What inspired you, what you were wanting to achieve? do you start with an idea and let it evolve or do you plan each shot?

EGR: I was inspired by this winter season and I wanted to portrait a look that was clean yet edgy and avant garde,  I always plan my shoots out, but I also let it  evolve as I go, specially when there's more than one look involved,  what I do is throw all my ideas on a piece of paper, then I like to sketch out all my looks and then modify and choose the look as I go into the actual makeup application. sometimes I won’t stay true to my sketches and will change a little thing here and there, but it is always good to have direction to start from.

PS: The materials you used are for professional use only, for photo shoot, not for everyday use...can you tell us what you used for the metal accessories you used on your model's face for lashes and brows?

EGR: Since I was inspired by everything related to winter, I wanted to create a look with metallic materials to make the illusion of ice. everything in each look I designed and created myself, so lashes and brows were handmade by me , I always think it is more unique and shows your personal touch when you add things of your own. I used metallic paper from the craft store to create the accessories and cut each individual lash and added little pieces mixed with other materials such as swarovski stones and glitter.

PS: While creating the makeup on the eyes/face in the black shade, did you use hand brushing, stencils or airbrush? Powders, cremes?

EGR: I did it free hand for this particular look, with some shading using an angle liner brush, The materials I used were blacktrack eyeliner and carbon eyeshadow from MAC cosmetics

PS: Did you enjoy creating this look?

EGR: I absolutely loved it, it was fun especially when you have a great team of people to work with.

PS: In the future what are your aspirations as a Makeup Artist?

EGR: I want to continue growing in the industry, I want to expand my knowledge.  I recently  been experimenting with prosthetics and other SFX makeup for movies and Theater.

PS: Will you enjoy submitting your creations again? Has it been a learning experience for you? You need to know many people are very curious about what goes on behind the scenes and I believe you will inspired many!

EGR: I would definitely do it again if you give me the opportunity to work with you once more. It might sound cliché but you can never stop learning,  for me each photo shoot or job is a great opportunity  to learn something new and share it with people.

PS: One last thing, what are your thoughts and hopes going into 2013?

EGR: I think Its gonna be a great year, full of new ideas, concepts and new projects to come, I hope for people to know about me and  my work and I hope to be a role model for others.

Thank you Erick! Looking forward to new creations from you and we wish you all the success!

Makeup Artist Erick Gerson Rodriguez S.

Originally from Mexico, Erick is currently based in Grand Rapids, Michigan USA

He can be contacted at:616-460-2832

To see more of his work visit: www.erickgerson.tk

Make Up Artist Feature with Erick Gerson ROdriquez