Posh Sauvage First Issue                                                                                                                              Welcome to the End


Welcome to the End of the World by Kristopher King

Welcome to the end of the world.

Where bad guys never win and nice guys finish first, every time. Where love is strong enough to carry the day. Where the food is slow and the water is clean. Where doctors care more about people than the practice.

We’re trampling on the precipice of a very important transition. We’ve been blazing trails of greed and convenience, devouring the earth and washing her down with 88 ounces of soda pop, in a giant plastic cup. The dirty dishes of excess are piling up, blocking our view and becoming unruly. The leftovers are rotten. The Mayans have their fingers crossed.

These days are on the wane.

Gandhi asked that you be the change that you’d like to see in the world. It feels like his entreaty may be taking form. People are talking aloud about virtue and truth. I’ve met hundreds of people, just this year, that are changing the world for the good, with action, not with another hollow campaign speech. I can visit a true farmers market almost everyday of the week, instead of a massive, cold, florescent lighted “Super Market” stocked full of empty, engineered food-like product. Some countries have successfully transitioned to a cleaner, more sustainable mass fuel source. I’ve even heard whispers of people working for the love of it, instead of just for the profit of it.


So, welcome to the end of days! Join me in laying out the dead and their archaic ways! It’s time to raze this old place and make way for the new! Bring bravery to life! Shine like the sun! Fight when you want to run!

Welcome to the beginning of the world!