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Posh Sauvage defines a contrary in terms.

posh |pä sh | informal


elegant or stylishly luxurious

  1. chiefly Brit. typical of or belonging to the upper class of society

sauvage /sovaʒ/


primitive, uncivilized; wild looking and unhospitable

  1.   ORIGIN Middle English : from Old French sauvage ‘wild’

When fused together we experience some edgy palettes, designs, with an underlying softness.

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What is going on behind the cover is what should be expressed. You won’t read about it in the following pages, BUT if you take the time, you will read it here.

ON the Cover, Photographer Todd Anthony Tyler created a beautiful editorial Golden Royale, with his model Gao Jie. What you don’t see in the photos are all the time we spent communicating and his generosity with his experience and positive energy! Thank you very much for your contribution!

Todd Anthony Tyler is based in Shanghai as Asia’s Next Top Model Resident Photographer and Judge. His years of modeling give him incredible insight to the industry from THAT SIDE of the camera as well as his years shooting on this side. Not everyone can say thay have worked both sides of the lens.

You can see his work at and the rest of his links to follow him in action are on the contributors’ page.

Incredible job to Fenia Labropoulou and Jean Baptiste Fort, our other contributing photographers for their expression in their work. They have shared in this issue amazing beauty and fashion editorials as well as art photography. Each shoot has a different feeling. Their time and dedication to the project is truly appreciated. Please take time and enjoy their insight in their interviews.

Special Thanks to Douglas Bassett for his backstage extravaganza and bringing to us some scenes not always available! I have to record his words to capture all of his thoughts and feelings behind those scenes! Such a great humour.

Thank you also for your collaboration in shooting beauty Sophisticated Adornment.

My most special thanks go to Belen Sheppard, the face behind the cover and all the pages. She worked diligently on graphics and tone, but mostly, kept open communication and brainstorming with me from 6 am through 2 AM during the editing process, even with our 6 hour time difference!

Without all of your collaboration, this would not have been possible.

Many thanks,

Lynette Arlene

Editor - in - Chief